Hold The Whole World Accused


 There was a rum festival in Birmingham recently, and who drinks rum? Lolitas! But traditionally it's pirates...pirate lolita it is!

This tied in nicely with the theme for the Tea Party Club annual, which is Not Just A Tea Party, so the comm frilled up and donned their finest tricorns, and set off in pursuit of rum. Thinking ahead, we planned to take the photo before too much rum was consumed and meant the photos were all out of focus or cutting someone's hat off, and I'm really pleased with our final photo - everyone looks fantastic, and it definitely captures our sense of fun!

My aim was to be a really colourful pirate lolita. A lot of the pirate loli I've seen is in muted neutral shades, which makes sense for a seafarer who scrambles up and down the rigging, but I wanted the equivalent of the Captain's Finest, to be put on to swagger onto land and charm my way into sampling every kind of rum.

The Metamorphose print has a gorgeous cerise pink added to it, and I had a matching blouse because this shade of pink is my favourite. I am currently in love with tassels-as-belts, and found the perfect colour for my outfit, and then Peacockalorum had this stupendous mini tricorn ready made, and one purple feather later and that was it. I was swaggering my way through Birmingham as the most colourful pirate and ready to take on the rum!

I designed my tights too! Originally I made some socks with this design for Under The Sea, but I managed to sort out the issues I had with the tights not lining up and now I'm really pleased. I hope to start selling my tights soon, because who doesn't want fancy pirate legs?

Matchy-matchy with rassilont. He would not wear a hat or have photos on his own because he is not a peacock like I am, but he enjoyed dressing up and I appreciate that he makes the effort to join in because it's important to me. Believe it or not, he was the fanciest of the two of us when we met.

I made that gilet and I am really pleased! It's a lovely linen with some of my fanciest lace, and paired with a safetypin in this picture because within thirty minutes of wearing it he'd managed to somehow rip part of the binding out. He has requested that I make him another one, but this time with sleeves. I haven't mastered sleeves yet, but I do enjoy a challenge!

@old_weird_naked_daguerreotypes and I took on the task of drinking all the rum and lost, but won the task of being the most colourful pirates possible. Look at those peeking bloomers! If I had bloomers that fancy, there would be no stopping me from showing them to every passer by, but hers is a much more elegant way of showing them off.

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  1. Those thights is so cool. I got my first fancy thights from Madame chocolate, they are cream and have some light blue accents(not very noticeable). I hope you would design some socks too, since indie brand socks is hard like almost impossible to come by.


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