When The Dance Is Through


I've been remiss with posting on my blog lately. I worked a lot of Saturdays in the last month (overtime to be put towards a holiday! holi-YAY!) and I haven't had time to dress up or someone to take pictures of me but...I did get to go to the Tea Party Club's Welcome Tea!

I went last year and really enjoyed it, so when the call for helpers was put out this year I signed up immediately. It was an excellent afternoon, I got to bang a gavel and spend time with excellent humans and eat a delicious lemon and lavender loaf cake. 

I haven't worn Vintage Cameo out yet, clearly I was waiting for the perfect accessories. The tights were from Ma Petit Chouchou at Omnia Vanitas and the bolero and headpiece were from Peacockalorum. I really love how the cream and gold tie in with the print but let the rich purple stand out. Meta liked my photo on Instagram, so I feel like this was definitely a good outfit!

 The first time I ever came to St Pancras was right on the cusp of my 19th birthday. I'd been in and out of sleep on the train because I'd had to get up at 5 but even though I was still bleary eyed I was taken aback by what a beautiful station it is. Stepping off the train into the wonderful architecture is still one of my favourite things about a trip to London.

This was the venue for the afternoon tea. It used to be a courtroom and there were signs everywhere - the back door still said "TO THE CELLS" above it. I was especially interested by the book on the judge's desk, as it still had the handwritten details of debtors and what they owed.

The room itself was lovely as well. Not pictured is all the items from Wunderwelt - not just stock for sale, but they also supplied every attendee with a brand novelty gift! There was a mix of jewellery, bags, and weird yet wonderful things that I was delighted to see (and I never buy novelties for myself as I'm too busy salivating over the next main piece purchase, but the Putumayo bag I got is useful and I enjoy having ~burando bags~ to keep things in!).

So. Many. Scones. They were delicious and warm as well.

There could have been better direction as to what was vegetarian and vegan and what was for general consumption, but the quality of food was great and I can't fault that.

I had an excellent time, helped by seeing most of my fantastic friends and making new ones! I'm looking forward to Dream Masquerade Carnival even more now!

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  1. Meta totally should've liked your photo, it's a great coord! I wish I could've come to the welcome party, it looks like so much fun, but I wouldn't have been able to afford it (mainly because of not being able to go hardcore and arrive in the morning, then leave in the evening :P). Maybe next year...

    1. I'm lucky to live next to a train station with trains from very early to very late (ie, from "cheap" to "very cheap") so that helped! I'd have loved to see you there though, I can't wait to see what you wear for DMC!


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