Vision With Nowhere To Go


Or, at least, not quite nowhere to go. Our plans for a picnic may have been ruined by the English weather (that most fickle thing, giving sun every day but the day we wanted) but we made the best of it in our local fancy tea shop.

I'd just received my Cherie Cerise Lace and Bees dress and I was looking for an excuse to wear it out! I really don't like the way my legs look in the photo, they make the dress look short when it's really a great length to wear without an underskirt. This is what happens when you're tall and pose on steps!

Char Wallah was, as always, accommodating and perfect. I had both Grandma's Garden and Old Love, which are my two favourite flavours of tea (or not-tea as they're fruit and herbal infusions). My tea even matched my co-ordinate!

Speaking of matching, I was bored with my hair and wash in and out dye was on offer so I'm currently a reddy-purple. I'm pleased with how it looked with the dress, but I'll be going back to brown when it washes out. I want to swim, and I'm worried that I'll be leaving a streak of dye behind me if I go with it in.

The print is really beautiful. One thing I didn't realise from online photos was that there's a pattern of flowers under the bees and lace main part of the print. I like this, as it adds some extra interest to the print, and it's like a handy cheat sheet for picking colours to match with! The quality is great, which is what I expected - several friends are really happy with their Cherie Cerise dresses, and this one is up to the same high standards.

On my mannequin - my theme for the overall outfit was lace, lace, and more lace! I really liked how the piece worked with my Violet Fane tights.

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  1. Lovely coordinate, I have the matching ivorynecklace from the series! I really liked the print, but the dress cut didn't turn out to my liking, so I passed that release. Is the fabric odly white on the backside as the unfriendly cat print?
    I did remove the button on the straps to place them lower and the print got damaged by it.

    1. Thank you! I was a bit unsure about the cut, but I think it will work great for casual days. The fabric is white on the back, but as the background of this colour of the print is white I think that's okay, I'd be interested to know if the black version is also white on the background. I don't know if Cherie Cerise knew about the problems, this JSK has two buttonholes on the straps so it's got the ability to adjust it built in so I won't have that problem.

    2. I think so, my unfriendly cat is wine and as far I know all the versions of the unfriendly cat is printed on same kind of farbric, so they are all white.
      That is great improvement, I placed my buttons on backside of the straps, because I heard people had proplems with the straps falling out(I had too, but that was because the straps was too short with original placement of buttons).

  2. Beautiful coord and dress, Cherie Cerise makes such lovely daily wear. I really like your hair this colour too!


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