Do I Get The Gold Chariot?


Date night! but in the daytime because it's sunny! We went to Wollaton Hall and saw a vast collection of taxidermied animals, and lots of herons in a tree...and someone who had decided to put a tent up in the car park.

It's spring, so that means it's time to bring out the pastels. I forgot how much I love Rose Toilette, once the straps are extended it's a good length for me and it's a lovely mature sweet print. I wish it came in a pink and lavender version, the pink is just too pink for me to handle!

It doesn't look like I love it in this picture, but I genuinely do! On top of what I mentioned before, it's machine washable and I enjoy not having to worry about prints. I was probably squinting because of the sun - I love the weather but it does make photographing pastel outfits hard...

 I feel like I was subconsciously channelling magnolia flowers when I put the outfit together. They're one of my favourite flowers when they're in bloom. I adore the way the trees are just covered in flowers with their delicate two-tone colours.

I'm really pleased to have bought the Lily of the Valley necklace at Omnia Vanitas. It's been sitting in my Etsy favourites for ages, so when I saw it in person I knew it had to come home with me. Tyler is a sweetheart and I enjoyed getting to meet her and to talk to her. I am grateful that there's big European events that let me get to know lolitas I'd otherwise never get a chance to meet.

Wollaton Hall is a Grade I listed Elizabethan mansion set in acres of parkland. It was the stunt double for the exterior of Wayne Mansion in The Dark Knight Rises so I can basically claim that Bruce Wayne is my neighbour, I think?

I'd been in a few times before, but mostly in and around the grounds so this was the first time I got to explore the house. It has been a natural history museum since 1925, but I enjoyed the rooms with period features and history of the family behind the house the most.

My favourite display was the story of Cassandra Willoughby, who came to Wollaton and oversaw the redecoration of the interior and planned the gardens. There were a series of models made from paper to show off parts of her story - my favourite was this one with the red apples added to the black and white paper.

I really enjoyed getting to go round Wollaton, even if my ankles are sore now from all the walking! I hope we can go back and spend more time exploring in the summer.

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