In Somber Resplendence


I got a targeted advert on Facebook for a short break to Prague, flights included. The advert worked and I spent two days trying to see as much of Prague as I could.

Here I am trying to look cute but mostly succeeding in looking cold! This was at sunset in front of Charles Bridge and the palace.

The guidebooks/websites tell you that there is an easy to use ticket machine on just about every tram station...the guidebooks are lying. We ended up walking back to the hotel because there weren't any on the tram route we wanted - except for the very last station where we'd have been getting off anyway.

Kafka's head. It is supposed to spin but I think it was too cold and frozen when we were there. 

We had a tour of an alchemist's laboratory and cave - discovered in 2002 and untouched for at least three hundred years. They still make the various Elixirs from the original recipes, although they've had to remove the opium from the Elixir of Life! 

Underground in the alchemist's cave - I think most of this was original 16th Century equipment that was rediscovered when the cave was excavated in 2002.

This is fried pastry filled with nutella and whipped cream with chocolate sauce on top. It was fantastic, although I was imagining the pastry to be a cone shape rather than just a tube - lots of chocolate fell in the tub!

And it really a visit to Prague without stopping to see the Astronomical Clock?

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  1. Oh man, I love Prague! I've only ever been once on a school trip when I was around 12 or 13, but I really regretted that we were only there for one day and been wanting to go back ever since. Probably not in winter though, that's a little bit too grey and gloomy. :P That alchemist's cave looks insanely awesome! Glad you had a great time and very lucky targeted advertising there :D

    1. I think if I go back I'll be wanting to see it in the sun! It was really lovely in the snow, but as you've said it's just a little grey and gloomy...

      I know what you mean, a short time isn't enough to see everything - there's so much more I wish I could have visited!

  2. Oh wow, that laboratory (and the clock of course) must have been awesome to see...

    1. It was! I found the laboratory on Atlas Obscura, which is my favourite website for finding cool and unusual things to do that not many people know about, and it was definitely worth going!


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