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This blog was originally intended to be mostly for sewing projects...whoops. It's a lot easier to put outfits together than clothes, and a lot easier to buy fabric than actually sit down to sew with it! I bought this cactus print fabric less than six months ago, and sewed it up over two days recently, so it's actually been a speedy project for me.

Why did I buy the cactus fabric? So that I'd have a dress to wear with my shiny silver cowboy boots, of course!

I used Simplicity 1609 because I knew I had the right size and it was a quick project. Because the cactus print is a knit, I eliminated the zipper and cut the back on the fold instead of in two pieces. I followed the making up instructions as given, and then when the dress was together had to take a wedge out from under each arm because it was gaping.

I was going to use binding around each armhole and the neck, but decided to go for the lazy method of double folding and stitching that down instead - I wasn't sure I'd have enough fabric to make binding for everything. I was worried that this would pucker and cause the neckline to not lie flat against my chest, but it came out better than my last attempt and I'm pleased with how it looks!

The print placement made it difficult to line the pattern up. I had just enough fabric to centre a cactus prominently on both the front and back panels.  I decided to align the print vertically on the cactuses rather than horizontally with the pink stripes - as it's a fairly loose fitting pattern, I wasn't using the stretch for fit and this way looked more pleasing to me.

It looks wrinkly here because I wore it immediately after finishing it and before taking photos.

I'd usually do a blind hem but this was the last thing to be done before finishing and as there was visible topstitching around the neck and shoulders I thought the dress would look more balanced if I put a visible hem in too.

I'm really pleased with how this came out - it was nice to take a break from sewing lolita and more complicated things and relax with something quick and easy. I love how it looks with my silver cowboy boots too!

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