A Rapturous Voice Escapes


These are photos from the second day of my whirlwind trip to Prague. 

Outfit photo in an actual airship? 10, 000 steampunk points.

The DOX gallery has just installed a "parasitic airship" on the roof. It was surprisingly hard to see from street level - we walked around the block before realising where we needed to go!

The plan is to use the space for events but seeing it without anything in emphasised how huge it is.

Statue outside the Rudolfinum next to the Manes Bridge (which features in AFI's Silver and Cold music video so I went on a little pop-punk pilgrimage to see where it was filmed).

ART. The pelvis moved and apparently you could text in a message to be spelled out in the water.

Fried carousel potato on a stick. Really, really good.

I feel like we barely scratched the surface of what Prague has to offer, but I had an amazing time. I'm really glad that I took the chance and booked the holiday - I was glad to get away for a few days and to go somewhere totally new.

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  1. Oh wow... a real airship...my steampunk side is so jealous right now! It looks like you had a great trip, so cool that you just did this little holiday.

    1. Sadly they didn't let me fly it anywhere! I'm really glad I took the chance to go, I am waiting for my new job to start and what better way to spend time than an adventure?


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