Best Outfits of 2016


These are what 2016BestNine said were my most popular Instagram outfit photos of 2016. There isn't nine in this post, because one photo was a collection of dresses, and one was a throwback to a few years ago, but here are my most popular outfits of 2016!

Just Let Me Taste The Sky - July 
28% of my most popular posts had a Metamorphose main piece. 28% had an Angelic Pretty main piece, and the rest were a mix of handmade, indie and offbrand (Axes Femme). I feel like that's a good reflection of my wardrobe and how I've worn it in 2016 - I turned away from Innocent World and really got into AP.

The Seasons Escape You - August

Last Night's Clothes & Tomorrow's Dreams - August
28% of my top posts also featured Haenuli tights - they are my favourite, so I'm pleased to see other people like the way that I wear them too!

So Shut Up, Nightingale - August
57% of these photos have my hand in front of my face. Clearly, this is the key to Instagram success, and nothing to do with me having limited poses and never knowing what to do with my hands!

I Don't Need These City Streets - September
Chasing Ghost Trains - October
There's a good split of natural hair to wigs as well - all bar one photo uses my natural hair, but there's a mix of styles, including ones that use a hairpiece to let me do different things, and they all have very different types of accessories. I'm pleased that there's so much variation on accessories, as I feel like I have a tendency to wear the same thing repeatedly, but these photos show that I've experimented more this year and tried different things.

Keep You Like An Oath - December

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  1. These outfits are all really cute, I love your style.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm really pleased with the way I've worn things over the last year, and I'm glad you enjoy it too


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