Keep You Like An Oath

Metamorphose JSK - Peacockalorum bolero and hair accessory - Angelic Pretty socks - Hush Puppies shoes - Syrup necklace
I meant to wear Dim Light to Winter ILD, but I've picked up a seasonal retail job...which means that weekends are mostly when I'm working now! I'm also in the process of moving out from living with my parents, so my rare days off are spent driving back and forth and putting furniture up. It'll be worth it, but I feel stretched quite thin at present (hence the lack of blogging and dressing up!).

I bought this necklace at Wicked and Whimsy, and it's so useful! I wear a lot of antique gold coloured things, but it's nice to have a brighter gold option. I also like to buy something from Syrup/RoseMarieSeoir when I can - I volunteered on the stall for Revelry and since then Ayumi has always said hello when I've been at events and I think that's really sweet of her. The first time I was surprised that she remembered me!

Speaking of volunteering at events, I was given this hairclip by Fuchsia of Peacockalorum for helping on her stall at Wicked and Whimsy...and it's such a useful clip to have! I wear it so much since getting it - either alone or to add something extra to other outfits. It's a good colour for me as it goes so beautifully with wine, and my wardrobe has expanded to include quite a few wine dresses this year, and I tend to wear pearls and cream a lot. Now I want a clip like this in every colour...

I finally have a pair of wine shoes! Wine and green were the colours I felt like I was missing most from my wardrobe, and I feel a lot happier with these - it makes wearing wine dresses a lot easier.

I can't wait for 2016 to be over. The year was a mixed bag for me. Some amazing things with incredible people happened, and so did some not-so-amazing things. I'm ending on a really positive note - I'm moving back to Nottingham, and I'm so excited to be back in a city I love and it's the right decision at the right time for me. I can't wait to see what the next year brings, but this year does feel like it's been a placeholder and I am desperate to move on and out and to bigger and better things.