So Shut Up, Nightingale {Wicked and Whimsy}


I'm more than a little late with this, but here is my outfit from the first day of Wicked and Whimsy...way back in August. I checked for photos pretty regularly and then trailed off and was really pleased when I found that photos of me had been put up! It was lovely to be reminded of how much fun the event was - I loved the photo backgrounds.

Photo by Emily Faulder Photos
Then, of course, I procrastinated in actually doing anything with the pictures or blogging about here I am in November, just putting them up! I had an excellent time on the Saturday of the event, snagging bargains in the bring and buy, admiring new and shiny things from the sellers, and meeting up with friends old and new. All the wonderful things I expect from a Tea Party Club event!

I made my dress and designed my tights - and when I say "made my dress" I actually mean "was stitching on the lace appliqué at 2am before the event". I didn't decide what I wanted to wear until two weeks before the event...and then I had to make the dress. I've had this fabric for a few years - originally it was a curtain from H&M - and it had already been a dress for a Street Fashion Europe event in 2014. Part of sewing for me is that as my skills continue to get better, I get frustrated with things I've made before, and I ended up taking the dress apart to make something new. I'm really pleased with how it came out, and I definitely think it was worth starting from scratch with the fabric.

Fantastic Grim are one of my favourite lolita accessory brands, and I was overjoyed to see that there was the perfect accessory for my dress - the colours are an incredible match! I could write paragraph on paragraph of how much I love this  book necklace - each of the books on the shelf was hand made and decorated, it's got the tiny book charms, and the wonderfully ornate handmade shelf the books sit on. It's probably my favourite thing that I bought at Wicked and Whimsy!

(I'm not counting the Carmilla dress because I bought that afterwards)

Photo by Giulia Hepburn Photography
I was also chosen to model by Baby Ponytail. I actually own Baby Ponytail's Mermaid Castle JSK, and I follow the brand on social media, so I was really pleased to be picked by a brand I really like! I'd admired this design a few times, but wasn't sure if the high waist would suit me or if I'd like the chiffon ruffle on me.

Photo by Emily Faulder Photos
It was a gorgeous design, and I really liked how the chiffon worked with the airiness of the skirt print to make a design that felt light and delicate. The length was perfect on me, and I loved the unusual minty green colour. I dithered about getting the dress, and I would like to pick the print up in the future - I think it's gorgeous, and I'm really glad I got to try it on so I could test both how comfortable it was and how much I liked it!

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  1. That lace applique is a great touch to that dress, I have to say. Really elevates it beyond the standard lolita bodice/neckline.

    Also, lovely work modelling for Baby Ponytail, you look lovely and elegant.

  2. Resewing a dress shortly before deadline?! Personal I wouldn't have nerves to it. But you did a good job.
    Modelling is something I have zero knowlegde of, but it seems you did a wonderful work.


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