You're Gonna Drive This Thing Into The Ground


Princess Wardrobe. A beret.


Metamorphose JSK - Emily Temple Cute cardigan - Haenuli x TPC tights - Tarina Tarantino ring - Peacockalorum rose and bow clip - shoes and beret vintage
There's a reason this is such a go-to outfit for me though - berets suit me and are great for showing off smaller hair accessories, and Princess Wardrobe is comfy and my favourite print. I've been looking for the longer cut in this colour, but sometimes it's nice to be a bit summery with a shorter dress. I've got to enjoy the last of the sun somehow!

These tights are a Tea Party Club x Haenuli collaboration that was exclusive to Bewitched-tier ticket holders. I was stoked when I heard this - Haenuli tights are some of my favourite as I'm so tall, and it's such a lovely design with colours that work really well with most of my wardrobe.

They're a fantastic design with this dress in particular - they match the colours perfectly, and the theme of ballet shoes goes with the dresses theme of the print. I also love how my new beret matches the pink of the print, and how the Peacockalorum rose and bow clip adds a bit of extra fanciness.

I know Peacockalorum do a rose crown in the same colours as these roses and I feel like that might be a good investment for me. I own three dresses in the same print so it would match with all of them, plus my mint floral dress...ok, I admit I saw it at Wicked and Whimsy and regret not getting it and I am now looking for excuses to justify it!

I also went on a date this weekend which involved me showing off my favourite things in Birmingham, including Caffe Chino. I hope my date was impressed by the adorable and delicious cakes they sell, but he was probably still shocked by the amount of rice I managed to demolish at Cafe Soya before.

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  1. If you have a go-to that works then rock it! Berets are a staple for me as well, totally agree about them being a great way to wear smaller accessories that might just be a bit lost on their own.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only beret fan - I love your fawn fur one! I think it helps that I knit so they're easy to whip up or buy in all the colours that match my wardrobe.

  2. I think that's great that you have such a staple look. It's kind of saying that you know your style so well and are so comfortable in it that you can have that and can stop looking for what works best for you (not that there's anything wrong with experimenting). I don't think I have a go-to look yet, but maybe eventually.

    Haha, on my first date with my current partner we went to a pizza place for lunch. He asked me "Will you manage a whole pizza on your own?", which I took it as "you puny woman with your silly diets and salads". So I went all like "Of course I can, just watch me!" - and only later, as we were eating, I realised that he tried to offer to share a pizza because HE couldn't manage a whole one on his own! xP I still feel a little bit awful about that, that must've come across as pretty mean, but I definitely impressed him by eating as much food as I did. Maybe it's a Loli thing? :P

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that! I do suit berets and they're fun to dress up, so I guess I'll keep wearing them!

      That is an excellent story! It must be a loli thing - we sit around and eat lots of cake, it gives us big appetites for devouring food in other settings too!


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