Sharpen Your Teeth, Sink Into Me


It's October! Time to get spooky! I didn't need an excuse to wear my Carmilla dress, but I wasn't going to resist a chance to get dressed up in a dress I love. I reviewed the dress here!

I've styled it very similarly to how it was worn in the fashion show - lace tights, and black accessories. I've got a velvet belt on, and I love the contrast in textures between that, the chiffon dress, and the lace tights.

Peacockalorum Carmilla dress - Vivienne Westwood shoes - Innocent World belt - Fantastic Grim Jewellery
I'm wearing the dress for a meet next weekend, at the coffin works, and I'm twinning! I expect I'll be styling it in a very similar way, but a tour of a coffin museum practically demands deep red gothic perfection.

I'm not entirely happy with my choice of head accessories with this outfit, but I couldn't find anything else I liked more - I tried on my entire collection of black accessories and some wine, and decided that simple bows were the best option. I think that headbows were too cute for this outfit, and my hats were all too vintage and not quite goth enough. I'd have loved a crown of black roses - I'd best get my craft on before next week!

I am really happy with how all these photos came out - I think I caught the light right at the most flattering time of the day, and you can't tell I was running back and forth from the camera to set the self timer between shots! I'm really happy with my makeup too - it's heavier than I usually wear with a darker lip, but I feel like it fits the vampiric feel of the dress perfectly.

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  1. It fit you perfect. I would chosen a dark red roses, simply because it can better noticed on distance by camera. I actually think a cloche hat would work, since it have similar shape to the dress. Or maybe it is me...

    1. I'll have to get some dark red roses and give that a try! I do have a cloche hat, that would probably work better with the silhouette, you're right. Thank you for your insight!


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