Chasing Ghost Trains


Spooky tales and Halloween frights:
Things that go bump in the dead of night,
Creatures creeping up to your front door,
Ghosts and tragedies from years before.

Halloween frights and spooky tales:
Strange happenings that make you quite pale,
Witch-elm victims, a giant and a curse,
A headless man seen driving a hearse.

Worst of all are the tales of woe
That come from lolitas and oujis you know. 
An escaped button, a burst zip and seam, 
An outbid auction and mismatching creams. 

The MidLolis had their traditional Halloween Spooky Tales meet, which I organised - and wrote the poem for to get everyone in the storytelling frame of mind. People brought horror stories from around the region to share - my contribution was the fact that Leamington Spa is the most haunted train station in the UK, and actually has a Supernatural Liason Officer! Don't worry if you are passing through, though - the Officer assures everyone that they are nice ghosts and there are no malevolent spirits in the station. The story I find creepiest is Bella in the Wych Elm - it's still unresolved and the graffiti is still appearing over seventy years later. 

I took @rassilont to the meet as well - he wanted to see what it was all about. He got into an argument about video game dads with my friends and then they ganged up on me to try and make me get a life size Dalek in my kitchen so I hope it lived up to his expectations of what lolitas do when they're together!

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  1. Oooo, I never knew this about the Leamington Spa station ghost - and I've been at that station so many times!
    I have to say, when I first saw the photos, I almost didn't recognise you without your signature hair. But the wig looks good on you too.
    I'd say that's a good representation of what lolitas and lolita meets are like. Question is: will he return or does he not dare to? ;P

    1. I've only been through, never stopping at it - I'll be paying attention when I next change there though, in case there's something I've missed!

      Yep, I look so different with short hair! I love it, but it really changes how I look.

      He really enjoyed it and would love to own "one of those fancy pirate coats" (he means a Roland). I think he liked the excuse to dress up!


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