I Don't Need These City Streets


Honey Cake! Also known as my new favourite item of clothing - how could I not love it? It's a  ridiculous breakfast dress! I can put pancake ingredients on my body!

Angelic Pretty Honey Cake JSK - Peacockalorum underskirt - vintage blouse - handmade beret - shoes 'borrowed' off mum about four years ago
I wanted to wear the print more casually for a meet and I wanted to pair it with red because I think it really makes the print pop. Enter this blouse, which I bought in Summer 2015 and has since been hanging in my wardrobe waiting for the right occasion - this one! I'm also very pleased with how the gold underskirt matches with the print, and with the tiny red ribbons on my plaits - I feel like this was an excellent outfit for what's become an iconic print!

Not members of the Midlands lolita community, but still kinda cool.
We visited the Custard Factory again. It's a little bit of a walk out of Birmingham City Centre, but it's definitely worth it! I like that the space is constantly evolving with different installations and new shops, and that there's a wide variety of events being held. This was a chocolate themed event for Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday, which meant that there was lots of chocolate for sale...and I followed that up with all-you-can-eat sushi at Kyoto and the full back shirring of Honey Cake was very useful indeed!

Honey Cake is such a fun print to wear, it brightens up my day when I see it in my wardrobe! It also fits really well with the retro influence I try to bring in to a lot of my styling choices - I think next time I'd like a bright red lip to really make this pop.

I think it's quite a versatile print as well, at least in terms of what I can pair with it in my wardrobe. I could go simply sweet with a Peter Pan collared white blouse, or retro and polkadotty like I did this time, or bring out the brown to make a more mature outfit (as mature as pancakes can get!). I'm really pleased at all the options I have to wear with it already!

Not Honey Cake related but I wanted to show these off! I've been feeling really creative lately, and funnelled that into making some brooches. The middle bird with the fancy bow is my favourite, so I'm keeping him! I think the rest will (hopefully) be sold at our local Maker's Market. I'm feeling a lot more content lately, and I hope this means I keep getting struck with inspiration and make some more things!

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  1. I love Honey Cake, and your coord is really cute!

    I also have to say those brooches are adorable, ad really unique, I haven't seen anything like those before.

  2. My instinct always seem to be going for blue, so I'd probably pick out the blues in this print and maybe try going a bit milky? :P It really is an iconic print and I love the way you've worn it, it's just the right balance! And the brooches are so cute! I think the top row heart is my favourite, no idea why, it just appeals to me ^^

    1. I've now got the JSK hanging up with a blue blouse under it, it does bring out the print very well! I'm just waiting for a few things to come in the post then I'd like to do a One Dress Four Looks post :)

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    1. Hi Nanaya, thanks for commenting! I'm not interested in promoting any brands at the minute because I like to keep my blog only focused on things I have personally bought, but thank you for letting me know about your brand!


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