The Seasons Escape You


Last weekend I had some lolita friends visit me and my collection of animals! Everyone enjoyed getting to meet the alpacas, especially the youngest babies.

I decided that dressing as a real life alpaca princess was the only possible option for this get-together. Magic Princess has a lot of sparkly gold accents as well, so it matches perfectly with my wellies...even if they're the only part of my outfit I usually wear out in the fields!

I made alpaca biscuits as part of the afternoon tea I made! They're vegan too - I wasn't sure if a vegan friend was coming, and I wanted to be able to offer her more than just fruit as a dessert, and it was really simple to veganise a traditional shortbread recipe because I swapped butter for a dairy-free alternative. Everyone enjoyed them, especially my family when they got the trial run!

Mako is such a handsome boy, but he was a bit skittish with new people with big skirts visiting him. The other two yearling boys had no such problems - they both love cuddles from anyone who's offering. The babies were very cute, and came over to investigate and see what was happening, but the girls were happy to completely ignore us and focus on eating grass!

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  1. You look so well with the alpacas, AP need to make a alpacas print after this. Your wellies looks cleaner and fancier than I ever wore to visit my pony years ago.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I fell behind on catching up with blogger! I would love an AP alpaca print - I've seen a few indie prints but none have quite been what I want. I did clean my wellies especially for this visit, they're not always so clean!


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