When The Ocean Rises Up Above The Ground


Guess who spent a fantastic weekend eating delicious things and spending time with excellent people again? Me! I was in Oxford and I got to visit the Cowley Road Carnival on Sunday, which was amazing. 
Metamorphose Princess Wardrobe JSK and necklace - Amavel blouse - Hush Puppies shoes - handmade beret and everything else offbrand
Two people took our picture! Not official photographers, just attendees. I'm not sure if they thought we were part of the attractions, or if they just admired how nicely we were dressed, but it was very flattering to be asked! 

I'm half tempted to put this up without a comment, because I'm not sure there is any comment to match up to the majesty of a life size green elephant float driven by a man in a matching sequinned jacket, but I think it should be stated that the green elephant played realistic elephant sounds as it drove along.

My hair had been rained on and been through a three hour journey back home by the time I got round to pictures, so I'm pleased it looks as well as it does in the pictures. I really love this necklace! I bought it on a whim to get an order up to the free shipping value, and it's been perfect for adding a bit of extra sparkle to outfits.

My bright pink lip colour is actually sparkly as well in person - it's the perfect lipstick for sweet looks. It's OCC in Yaoi, so it's a great name, a great formula, and a great sparkly colour...basically perfection in a 5ml tube!

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  1. Oh yeah, Cowley Road is awesome, and so is their carnival! It's a shame that I didn't even know about such a thing as Lolita comms when I lived there, but in retrospect, I was a very beginner ita back then so it could've been a bit too embarrassing for me (though on the other hand maybe they'd teach me the stuff I know now a lot sooner). The elephant though! <3
    Where did you get that lipstick? I'm very intrigued now. :D

    1. I really loved the carnival - and the elephant! I'd definitely like to go again!

      OCC is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - they're a small vegan brand based in the US, but there's a couple of resellers in the UK! They also have a shade called Anime, which is bright pink, no sparkle, and I think I'd like to get that next!

    2. Cowley Road is full of lovely little quirky bits, I have some very fond memories of it. There just always seems to be something fun and interesting happening there!

      I'm definitely looking these guys up, that Yaoi one looks like exactly what I've been meaning to get (and so far only achieved by covering my lips with a lip liner and then adding clear lip gloss, but that's a nightmare to top up).


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