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Fancy Egg! FANCY EGG! or, as Meta decided to call it this time around...Egg Art. 

I really liked that they released a previously unused colour, the print looks lovely in the new colourway! I debated getting the luckypack before it was released and then ended up pulling over into a car park part way through my commute and snagging it at 9.04am because I realised I really wanted it and didn’t want to risk it selling out on my journey - and I'm really glad I did. 

Metamorphose Fancy Egg JSK - Amavel blouse - Hush Puppies shoes - everything else offbrand
I have the Secret Eden LP JSK from Winter 2015, but I don't like the fabric they used for that release. I'm pleased that this one has a texture I prefer! I thought the bodice cut was the same as that release too, but when this arrived this one looks a lot better on me. As usual I'm selling the blouse because high peter pan collars don't suit me and feel constricting, but I knew that would be the case from previous LP experiences.

One thing that I have found frustrating is that the colour isn't rich enough to be a "true wine" and it's more of a desaturated, so my plans of wearing it with a deep pink to really make it pop won't work...but it matches my red Innocent World boots perfectly and I think navy will set the print off nicely, so that might be my plan for Wicked and Whimsy!

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  1. Everybody wants, everybody wants, to drive on through the night if it's the driiiiiiive back home! [Sorry, couldn't help myself-- it's my favourite Fall Out Boy song haha]

    This print is really pretty on you, and looks very cute with that blouse! It's a shame it's not quite the shade you were expecting but I'm glad you already have the boots to team it with! I look forward to seeing how your coordinate turns out :)

    1. It's my favourite too! I am a bit shocked that it's a B-side, I love everything about it.

      Thank you! I have been a lolita long enough to know that wine is the difficult colour to get matching, so I shouldn't be surprised...but I still was.

  2. Is that the print you mentioned earlier? :P I remember looking at it and thinking that it was a bit too wacky for me, but you're definitely rocking it. That simple coord brings out the details quite nicely. If you end up wearing this for Wicked and Whimsy I'm sure it'll be even more fabulous. :D

    1. No, because as well as Meta LPs I got sucked into the AP sale and bought Magic Princess which is...very pastel but I wanna be a magical princess and it won't be that out of place in my wardrobe so I went for it! This is a sensible wardrobe fitting purchase in comparison :P

      I think I will wear it! It's an excuse to wear my crown again - I do love my crown. I'm debating wearing something handmade, but we're very short staffed at work at the minute so I don't know if I'll get chance to finish the JSK I want.

    2. Ahh... I really can't blame you for that, the price was insanely good on this one. I contemplated getting Eternal Carnival on their sales, but on the first day they only had one cut and the colour I would've gone for was sold out. Plus I said to myself that if I didn't buy anything in the AP sales, I'd buy myself a new mobile phone, which I've been eyeing for a few months now, so that kind of stopped me. ^^" Which colour did you go for? Or should I wait for the blog post?

      Crowns! Crowns are always great, do it. I don't feel confident enough to craft anything more complicated than a bead bracelet at the moment, so all my outfit things are bought. Maybe next year, once I get some more practice. Good luck with your outfit planning and crafting. :D

    3. I'm still looking at Jewel Marine, because I like the grown up girly feel (...and because I stupidly didn't pick up the matching headbow for Magic Princess and I don't want to pay postage for just that!) but I'm being good and resisting. Eternal Carnival is lovely, but lots of colours did disappear quickly. What phone are you getting - and, importantly, is the camera good for outfit shots? :P

      I grabbed lilac, I think my skintone suits purple and the pink was definitely too much. I was tempted by yellow initially, but that had already gone and I think I can do more with purple.

      Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you there! I've also accepted your join request into the Midlands group, I hope you can come to meets soon :)

    4. Yeah, I know that feeling. I would've bought a pair of OTKs on their sales, but when I thought that I'd have to pay for shipping just for them it didn't feel that worth it. But I'm surprised that all JSK cuts for Jewel Marine are still there, the price on both should've tempted people more. :o It better do, it's meant to have something mad like 20.7 megapixel camera. :P I'm getting a Meizu, which is a well respected and reviewed Chinese smartphone brand.

      Oooh, yeah, I think lilac will look good, can't wait to see you wear it. Very princessy.

      I know, thank you for that. Fingers crossed, but as long as they'll be easily/cheaply commutable, I'll do my best to make it to a meet. There's never enough meets. :D


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