Such A Pleasant Taste


Today I have been to the Lichfield Florette Festival! Is going twice to something enough to make it a tradition? I visited last year with my comm...and I am wearing the same cardigan and shoes this year (they're comfy and good for summer!).

Wondertropolis Skyscraper JSK - hand-knitted beret - New Look cardigan - everything else offbrand
 Lichfield is a beautiful city! The festival takes place around the cathedral, which is a lovely setting for admiring all the stalls, and we were able to look inside between the end of the festival and the start of the evening events in the cathedral itself.

I was mostly interested in the food stall - I ate a lot of delicious things from the vendors! I had mushrooms on toast, a cookie, fried plantain, and then a pizza. I was also eyeing up the pad thai, but I think I ate enough in the end... I brought some fudge home with me too - I can't resist sweet things.

Last year there was a poutine vendor and it's something I was really looking forward to trying, but they weren't there this year. I'm at another street food festival next weekend so maybe I will find some there! I love cheesy chips, I love cheese and gravy, I think I'll really love poutine.

We had sunshine for most of the day, but I'm glad I took an umbrella as I got caught in a couple of showers (and it makes a good accessory for posing with)! I'm really glad we took a short walk out of the city centre to find this park, the flowers made a great background for outfit pictures.

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  1. Blue and red is always a winning combo for me. Though at first I thought you were wearing Castle Mirage. :P
    Oh wow, Lichfield looks so pretty, I'm going to have to make it there at some point. I might even try to make this summer about travelling more around the UK - I'll have to see what places I could get to by train or coach and just go there.


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