On A Sunday


Another day, another festival... I have mostly eaten street food this weekend, with more to come next week, and I've eaten it outside in the sunshine. I almost feel like I've been on holiday - it was very reminiscent of what I got up to in Amsterdam! 
Metamorphose JSK - Innocent World belt - New Look cardigan and tights - handmade beret - everything else offbrand
Today I have eaten brioche French toast with honey yoghurt and berry compote, and brought home some authentic Russian honeycake - I'm hoping that's as good as I remember it being! It's not as much as yesterday, but I was in more of a rush so couldn't spend my entire afternoon eating my way around the market (and it's local and monthly so I can always go back and try what I missed).

I haven't worn this dress for months but I wanted to wear my new black beret today, so went for a more casual outfit. I'm so grateful that mum keeps knitting me berets in every colour of the rainbow, I love hats and berets are so versatile because I can pin different bows to them for different outfits.

Even my shoes were part of the polka-dot theme! These were actually from the Next children's section a few years ago, as it goes up to an adult 7 online, but there haven't been any cute pairs I want this year...yet. 

I'm pretty sure I said this last time I wore the dress, but it bears repeating - the high waist is great for eating lots of food and still being comfortable! I haven't found a blouse that works for this dress yet, but I really like how it looks with a cardigan over the top.

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  1. You're kidding - those are from the children's section?! I'm going over to their website RIGHT NOW! O.O


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