Just Let Me Taste The Sky


The Midlands Lolitas went to the Yarningham wool show in Bourneville this weekend! As just about everyone who's seen me at a meet, or seen my wardrobe post, or seen how it's taken over my blog knows...this is my favourite dress, and I own it in all three colours. This one has a special place in my wardrobe because it was the first one I bought, and it was my first ever direct-from-brand purchase.

Metamorphose Princess Wardrobe JSK - Emily Temple Cute cardigan - Innocent World bow - Hush Puppies shoes - everything else offbrand
My current getting ready for meets process: try on dresses and blouses, realise it's too hot for them/I'll need to wear an underskirt/things don't look quite the way I pictured them together, and pull out one of my Princess Wardrobes to wear instead. I don't worry so much about the heat in these because I know they wash well - I assisted with the delivery of a baby alpaca in my blue-grey version, after all!

Speaking of alpacas, guess who made some new friends at Yarningham?! Like having eight at home wasn't enough, I guess... These boys are called Cookies and Cream, and they were the guests of honour. I found it really interesting to meet Cream - he's a suri, and we only keep hucaya alpacas and I've only handled pre-shearing suris, so I enjoyed getting to stroke him to feel the difference in fleece type.

I now own the pastel biker jacket of my dreams, thanks to eBay! It's an incredibly soft suede, and I really like the maturity of the dusky pink and the feminine shape the peplum gives to it.  The fit is great on the shoulders, sleeves and across the bust, and although it's a little big on the waist the belt gives definition. Perfection.

The problem is that I am now too in love with it to think about embroidering/adding patches to it and my hunt must continue for another pastel biker jacket.

Bourneville was beautiful in places, especially the Yarningham venue, which is the old Stirchley swimming baths. I bought some beautiful hand-dyed wool, which does not even remotely resemble the sparkly purple I said I was going to get but it's too beautiful to mind! There was also some gorgeous vegan and wheat free chocolate cake, which I'm pretty sure was mostly chocolate by how rich it was.

I'm also really pleased that we got in to eat at Bacchus, which is a restaurant with ornate gothic stonework decorations. I've been in for drinks, but never managed to get a table to eat, and the food was really good! I'd like to go back again, maybe wearing something less sweet to match the style.

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  1. Cute outfit! I especially love the past biker jacket, I think it's such a perfect addition to the look :)

    1. Thank you! I feel like such a badass in a leather jacket, and then it's a really useful jacket for those days where you need more than just a cardigan, but less than a full coat.

  2. I think that's great that you have something which you know you can use for a variety of meets (and be able to wash it without hassle), it goes to show that you're confident enough in your style (and comfortable enough with your comm) that you simply don't have to worry about "wrong" coords or people being petty/snarky. And honestly, you've just made me desperately want a pastel jacket. I know that what I need is a new neutral coloured jacket, but yours looks so adorable with that JSK, perfect casual style. <3

    1. That's a really good point about my comm - when I turn up it's "it's the dress!" not "it's that dress...again". I am lucky that two other members share my appreciation for the print!

      Maybe I should make a timeline of all the times I've ever worn it, I think it would be interesting to see how my style changed across the same main piece.

      Pastel jackets are the best! I feel tough but still girly, if that makes sense. There's been so many great jacket post in CoF lately that I'm really glad I could jump on the trend. My "go with everything" jacket is metallic gold, so I haven't really got the hang of neutrals...

    2. That's really great. And with all colourways of that JSK, as well as with it being pretty versatile, you probably still have new ways of wearing it that your comm hasn't seen - it could almost be like Pokemon GO, but with catching all of your different coord with one print. :P

      Oooh, that's a brilliant idea, do it! All the changes in you as a Lolita would probably be easier to see versus timelines with different dresses (unless the point of the timeline is to highlight change in attituted, e.g. "plain dress hoarder" to "OTT berry print hoarder").

      I know what you mean, kind of like Momoko's fighting scene in Kamikaze Girls: she's tough, but looks cute (if you take away the stains on brand). :P So far the one's I've liked were a bit too expensive for my current spending streak, so I will lay low and hunt for something that looks good and doesn't cost too much. My "go with everything" jacket that I just replaced was light brown, the sort of milk coffee shade, with cream fur trims - and I've replaced it with a taupe (or so the descriptions and photos said, still waiting for it to arrive). Except that it doesn't quite go with everything that I own so... :P


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