Just Let Me Taste The Sky

The Midlands Lolitas went to the Yarningham wool show in Bourneville this weekend! As just about everyone who's seen me at a meet, or seen my wardrobe post, or seen how it's taken over my blog knows...this is my favourite dress, and I own it in all three colours. This one has a special place in my wardrobe because it was the first one I bought, and it was my first ever direct-from-brand purchase.

Metamorphose Princess Wardrobe JSK - Emily Temple Cute cardigan - Innocent World bow - Hush Puppies shoes - everything else offbrand
My current getting ready for meets process: try on dresses and blouses, realise it's too hot for them/I'll need to wear an underskirt/things don't look quite the way I pictured them together, and pull out one of my Princess Wardrobes to wear instead. I don't worry so much about the heat in these because I know they wash well - I assisted with the delivery of a baby alpaca in my blue-grey version, after all!

Speaking of alpacas, guess who made some new friends at Yarningham?! Like having eight at home wasn't enough, I guess... These boys are called Cookies and Cream, and they were the guests of honour. I found it really interesting to meet Cream - he's a suri, and we only keep hucaya alpacas and I've only handled pre-shearing suris, so I enjoyed getting to stroke him to feel the difference in fleece type.

I now own the pastel biker jacket of my dreams, thanks to eBay! It's an incredibly soft suede, and I really like the maturity of the dusky pink and the feminine shape the peplum gives to it.  The fit is great on the shoulders, sleeves and across the bust, and although it's a little big on the waist the belt gives definition. Perfection.

The problem is that I am now too in love with it to think about embroidering/adding patches to it and my hunt must continue for another pastel biker jacket.

Bourneville was beautiful in places, especially the Yarningham venue, which is the old Stirchley swimming baths. I bought some beautiful hand-dyed wool, which does not even remotely resemble the sparkly purple I said I was going to get but it's too beautiful to mind! There was also some gorgeous vegan and wheat free chocolate cake, which I'm pretty sure was mostly chocolate by how rich it was.

I'm also really pleased that we got in to eat at Bacchus, which is a restaurant with ornate gothic stonework decorations. I've been in for drinks, but never managed to get a table to eat, and the food was really good! I'd like to go back again, maybe wearing something less sweet to match the style.

The Prince of Any Failing Empire Knows

Fancy Egg! FANCY EGG! or, as Meta decided to call it this time around...Egg Art. 

I really liked that they released a previously unused colour, the print looks lovely in the new colourway! I debated getting the luckypack before it was released and then ended up pulling over into a car park part way through my commute and snagging it at 9.04am because I realised I really wanted it and didn’t want to risk it selling out on my journey - and I'm really glad I did. 

Metamorphose Fancy Egg JSK - Amavel blouse - Hush Puppies shoes - everything else offbrand
I have the Secret Eden LP JSK from Winter 2015, but I don't like the fabric they used for that release. I'm pleased that this one has a texture I prefer! I thought the bodice cut was the same as that release too, but when this arrived this one looks a lot better on me. As usual I'm selling the blouse because high peter pan collars don't suit me and feel constricting, but I knew that would be the case from previous LP experiences.

One thing that I have found frustrating is that the colour isn't rich enough to be a "true wine" and it's more of a desaturated, so my plans of wearing it with a deep pink to really make it pop won't work...but it matches my red Innocent World boots perfectly and I think navy will set the print off nicely, so that might be my plan for Wicked and Whimsy!

When The Ocean Rises Up Above The Ground

Guess who spent a fantastic weekend eating delicious things and spending time with excellent people again? Me! I was in Oxford and I got to visit the Cowley Road Carnival on Sunday, which was amazing. 
Metamorphose Princess Wardrobe JSK and necklace - Amavel blouse - Hush Puppies shoes - handmade beret and everything else offbrand
Two people took our picture! Not official photographers, just attendees. I'm not sure if they thought we were part of the attractions, or if they just admired how nicely we were dressed, but it was very flattering to be asked! 

I'm half tempted to put this up without a comment, because I'm not sure there is any comment to match up to the majesty of a life size green elephant float driven by a man in a matching sequinned jacket, but I think it should be stated that the green elephant played realistic elephant sounds as it drove along.

My hair had been rained on and been through a three hour journey back home by the time I got round to pictures, so I'm pleased it looks as well as it does in the pictures. I really love this necklace! I bought it on a whim to get an order up to the free shipping value, and it's been perfect for adding a bit of extra sparkle to outfits.

My bright pink lip colour is actually sparkly as well in person - it's the perfect lipstick for sweet looks. It's OCC in Yaoi, so it's a great name, a great formula, and a great sparkly colour...basically perfection in a 5ml tube!

On A Sunday

Another day, another festival... I have mostly eaten street food this weekend, with more to come next week, and I've eaten it outside in the sunshine. I almost feel like I've been on holiday - it was very reminiscent of what I got up to in Amsterdam! 
Metamorphose JSK - Innocent World belt - New Look cardigan and tights - handmade beret - everything else offbrand
Today I have eaten brioche French toast with honey yoghurt and berry compote, and brought home some authentic Russian honeycake - I'm hoping that's as good as I remember it being! It's not as much as yesterday, but I was in more of a rush so couldn't spend my entire afternoon eating my way around the market (and it's local and monthly so I can always go back and try what I missed).

I haven't worn this dress for months but I wanted to wear my new black beret today, so went for a more casual outfit. I'm so grateful that mum keeps knitting me berets in every colour of the rainbow, I love hats and berets are so versatile because I can pin different bows to them for different outfits.

Even my shoes were part of the polka-dot theme! These were actually from the Next children's section a few years ago, as it goes up to an adult 7 online, but there haven't been any cute pairs I want this year...yet. 

I'm pretty sure I said this last time I wore the dress, but it bears repeating - the high waist is great for eating lots of food and still being comfortable! I haven't found a blouse that works for this dress yet, but I really like how it looks with a cardigan over the top.

Such A Pleasant Taste

Today I have been to the Lichfield Florette Festival! Is going twice to something enough to make it a tradition? I visited last year with my comm...and I am wearing the same cardigan and shoes this year (they're comfy and good for summer!).

Wondertropolis Skyscraper JSK - hand-knitted beret - New Look cardigan - everything else offbrand
 Lichfield is a beautiful city! The festival takes place around the cathedral, which is a lovely setting for admiring all the stalls, and we were able to look inside between the end of the festival and the start of the evening events in the cathedral itself.

I was mostly interested in the food stall - I ate a lot of delicious things from the vendors! I had mushrooms on toast, a cookie, fried plantain, and then a pizza. I was also eyeing up the pad thai, but I think I ate enough in the end... I brought some fudge home with me too - I can't resist sweet things.

Last year there was a poutine vendor and it's something I was really looking forward to trying, but they weren't there this year. I'm at another street food festival next weekend so maybe I will find some there! I love cheesy chips, I love cheese and gravy, I think I'll really love poutine.

We had sunshine for most of the day, but I'm glad I took an umbrella as I got caught in a couple of showers (and it makes a good accessory for posing with)! I'm really glad we took a short walk out of the city centre to find this park, the flowers made a great background for outfit pictures.