I'm Not A Prophecy Come True


Today I have been for afternoon tea in London! It was really lovely - although a slightly bittersweet reason for going as it was my friend's last meet up before moving back to Australia. We went to The Montague on the Gardens, and it was delicious - and then they brought out refills of the sandwiches and the scones so it got even better.

Everyone in the event page was discussing the fancy hats they would wear, so it quickly turned into a fancy hat theme! There's a fancy hat in the print too, so even my dress matched the theme (and full back shirring - always good when there are scone refills!).

Because I was wearing a vintage hat, I decided to go with a vintage-inspired feel with this outfit and wore my polkadot tights. I'm surprised at how much wear I've had out of them - with being tall, I didn't think they'd fit properly, and that my toes would go right through the sheer parts.

Bows and bows and bows! I like the velvet belt against the chiffon ties. I adore the textured fabric Metamorphose used for this luckypack release - it disappoints me that the latest two (Secret Eden and Egg Art/Fancy Egg) have both been on a different smooth fabric.

Each version of this print has slightly different pinks on the print, and this blouse matches really nicely with the pinks on the black version and works well with the purple. I'm so glad I've tracked down all three colours of this dress - it is my favourite print and now my collection is complete.

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  1. You have all three versions of this print? Wow! Now that is commitment and love for a print! I think I'm too picky and usually either only like (or could fit into :P) just one cut and even if I love the print a lot, I wouldn't get it in any other colourway. AP's Fantasy Theater is the closest one to a dress where I do like and can fit into the other cuts of the dress and like all the colourways (except black, which I just ignore an pretend it doesn't exist :P).

    That's one great afternoon tea if they do refills! If only more places did that... <3 I really like the vintage look you achieved with your JSK, although as a lover of all wine-coloured things the blouse is my favourite, really breaks up the blacks nicely.

    1. All the cuts have full back shirring, which definitely helps! It also helps that it's a luckypack print, so the secondhand price is low, especially when bits are missing from the original set. I definitely thought hard about buying yet another version of the dress, but I really love it and wear my other two a lot (and I definitely feel very satisfied that the collection is complete!).

      Thank you - I'm really pleased with how well the blouse goes with the look, I don't think pastel pink would have worked as nicely. I'm really pleased with how I included vintage-style with everything. I've thought about leaving lolita for vintage before but I think I'm happiest combining the two!

    2. I love full back shirring. I also recently got a JSK with full shirring - oh sweet baby Jesus, that's the most comfortable thing EVER! *.* I bet it feels good to have the collection complete, not everyone can say they've managed that.

      Yeah, pastel pink would've been the obvious choice, which isn't necessarily exciting. I think you're doing a really good Lolita-vintage mix, and it suits you so well. That's how I got into Lolita: by getting a Bodyline JSK which looked like a 1950s halterneck - it wasn't until later when I realised what Bodyline was doing and what Lolita fashion was. :P

    3. Ahh, blogger didn't tell me about this comment so I'm really late in replying!

      Now I want to collect the lace-up cut in the blue too, because I really like the length - the cut I have needs an underskirt and sometimes that's more hassle than I want - but I feel really happy I have all the colours and I can wait for that!

      Thank you for saying that! I really like that there's lots of vintage inspiration with lolita now, I definitely like wearing vintage hats especially (and vintage blouses are a good way to bulk up a wardrobe cheaply!).


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