I'm Not A Prophecy Come True

Today I have been for afternoon tea in London! It was really lovely - although a slightly bittersweet reason for going as it was my friend's last meet up before moving back to Australia. We went to The Montague on the Gardens, and it was delicious - and then they brought out refills of the sandwiches and the scones so it got even better.

Everyone in the event page was discussing the fancy hats they would wear, so it quickly turned into a fancy hat theme! There's a fancy hat in the print too, so even my dress matched the theme (and full back shirring - always good when there are scone refills!).

Because I was wearing a vintage hat, I decided to go with a vintage-inspired feel with this outfit and wore my polkadot tights. I'm surprised at how much wear I've had out of them - with being tall, I didn't think they'd fit properly, and that my toes would go right through the sheer parts.

Bows and bows and bows! I like the velvet belt against the chiffon ties. I adore the textured fabric Metamorphose used for this luckypack release - it disappoints me that the latest two (Secret Eden and Egg Art/Fancy Egg) have both been on a different smooth fabric.

Each version of this print has slightly different pinks on the print, and this blouse matches really nicely with the pinks on the black version and works well with the purple. I'm so glad I've tracked down all three colours of this dress - it is my favourite print and now my collection is complete.

It's A Long Way Back From 17 {ILD June 2016}

Lily of the Valley Designs JSK - Innocent World socks - Fantastic Grim belt, crown and necklace - Hush Puppies shoes - Peacockalorum underskirt

 I organised a fancy afternoon tea for International Lolita Day with the other mods of my local community! There were 25 of us taking over a private room in a fancy hotel to drink tea and eat cake, and there was bingo and a Midlands Knowledge Quiz with brand prizes.

Every guest got a gift bag full of cute things to take away with them - here's the animal rubbers, stickers, teabags and handmade kokeshi doll brooches from when we were setting up. The cross-stitch brooches were done by Polyrillustration, who also illustrated us a fantastic postcard (because she has oodles of talents and was willing to donate them to us!).

I was really happy with the event, and with my outfit - I love heraldry themes, and I'm really pleased with having socks that go so well with the print on the dress. This is probably my favourite dress in my wardrobe - I loved the original release, but navy suits me better than brown and the floatiness of the chiffon make this one even better in my eyes! I also liked that I was representing indie brands - I bought the Fantastic Grim jewellery at Under the Sea specifically for this outfit, and I feel like the antique gold works really well with this print.