We'll Have Fantastic Passion


I'm organising a big event for ILD for the Midlands comm and I had to go in to the venue to sort some things out. The other mods are co-hosting, so we all used it as an opportunity to get dressed up (and also eat cake). I only have a quick snap from the evening, so apologies for bad image quality, but I really liked my outfit and wanted to share!
Innocent World King of Lolita JSK - Innocent World boots and bow clip - Amavel blouse - handmade beret - everything else offbrand

I've fallen a bit out of love with Innocent World lately - the cuts aren't always flattering on me - but I tried on this dress and remembered how much I loved it for being regal but understated and easy to wear.

I ended up drinking cocktails in the sunshine. I am really grateful for everyone in my community - it's transcended fashion and become real friends, and the mod team are wonderful. It's made going back to work after my trip to Amsterdam bearable!

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