Darling It's Better Down Where It's Wetter {Amsterdam 2016}


Not my most imaginative title, but I'm wearing a mermaid print - I can't think of a better one! This is what I wore for the Under the Sea day two teaparty. 

Baby Ponytail Mermaid's Castle JSK - Peacockalorum wristcuffs, hair accessory, and underskirt - Hush Puppies shoes - FINT blouse - Swimmer bag - Summer Tales Boutique jewellery - tights unknown
 I was really pleased with how everything in my outfit was on theme, but the details don't really show up in the big outfit picture, so here's a close-up of the wristcuffs against the dress. Fuchsia (who runs Peacockalorum) did an excellent job with making something to match when I said I wanted shells and gold!

The afternoon tea was presented nicely, although I was a bit sad that there weren't the traditional tiered stands but individual portions (I suppose it stops arguing over the last cake!) and those that ate the regular tea were given square scones (???).

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  1. I remember that you bought this dress for UtS, but I didn't know you got custom made wrist cuffs - they go sooo well with it, they're gorgeous! Does the fabric/lace feel alright? I got a pair of Peackockalorum wrist cuffs some time back, but they were made of quite stiff lace which scratches a little, and I don't want to be emotionally scarred forever, because Fuchsia has some amazing designs for her wristcuffs. ;_;

    I also saw someone's vlog about UtS (Princess Fancypants, if I remember right?), and there was a glimpse of you during the fashion show, you looked stunning. :D

    Yeah, I see what you mean about it not being quite the traditional afternoon tea, but it still looks cute and mouthwatering (she said whilst at work and thinking what to get for lunch :P).

    Looks like one of the best events going, I'm insanely jealous - and angry at myself. :P

    1. I am really super pleased with the gold lace - gold can often be extra scratchy because of the metallic threads, but this is soft and I didn't find they irritated my wrists at all. I know Peacockalorum use lots of different sorts of lace (I would love to look in their stock room!), but I haven't found any of their wristcuffs scratch me lace-wise, although sometimes the seam rubs me a bit (but I think that's a problem with all wristcuffs unfortunately!).

      Ooh, I have been tagged in a few videos but I've only watched one so far - I cringe watching myself on stage so I'm gearing up to it.

      It was really nice, probably not the best thing to read whilst you're waiting for lunch ;) it was a fantastic event - it had built a lot on Enchanted and I was really impressed by what's on offer, disappointed in myself for missing La Vie en Rose but I'll have to make it to next year to make up for it!


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