Being Anchored or Bored Just Feels Like A Curse {Amsterdam 2016}


I'm a little late in putting my Under the Sea outfits up, but here's day one! I had an excellent time at UtS - especially modelling for I Do Declare (the dress was g o r g e o u s) and seeing all my friends and making new ones!

Metamorphose Voyage in Memory JSK - Peacockalorum hat and underskirt - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes - handmade blouse and socks
 I was really pleased with how the socks came out, and they had a really positive reception. Printed at Spoonflower and sewn up into a tube by me. I thought I had scaled them down more so more of the designs would be visible - here's a close up picture.

I didn't take a picture of all the excellent things I bought (half of them are still in my suitcase, despite it being a week since I got back - I'm lazy!), but here's a crown that I got from Fantastic Grim. I also got a matching belt, and a necklace - it's going to be part of my ILD outfit!

Crown from Fantastic Grim

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  1. The crown! <3 I hope the photos of you modelling will surface at some point, I'd love to see, especially since I never heard of that label before, I'll look them up now. You looked gorgeous, and I'm super impressed that you made your own socks - that's the next level of crafty! :D

    1. Thank you! I was super pleased with the socks and how they came out.

      I have a quick snap on instagram here - I'm waiting for the official fashion show photos to surface!

  2. I so admire your socks! Well done, they looks so good in your outfit ^__^

    Also, UTS looks like it was lots of fun, I hope to hear more from you about it.

    1. Thank you - I was definitely most pleased with the socks, they were the perfect thing to finish off my outfit!

      UTS was amazing - I did Enchanted, but not La Vie en Rose, so it was interesting to see how it had grown in the year I didn't attend. I do want to do a longer write up but I need to sort out taking pictures of all my swag first!


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