We'll Have Fantastic Passion

I'm organising a big event for ILD for the Midlands comm and I had to go in to the venue to sort some things out. The other mods are co-hosting, so we all used it as an opportunity to get dressed up (and also eat cake). I only have a quick snap from the evening, so apologies for bad image quality, but I really liked my outfit and wanted to share!
Innocent World King of Lolita JSK - Innocent World boots and bow clip - Amavel blouse - handmade beret - everything else offbrand

I've fallen a bit out of love with Innocent World lately - the cuts aren't always flattering on me - but I tried on this dress and remembered how much I loved it for being regal but understated and easy to wear.

I ended up drinking cocktails in the sunshine. I am really grateful for everyone in my community - it's transcended fashion and become real friends, and the mod team are wonderful. It's made going back to work after my trip to Amsterdam bearable!

Everything Is Yours To Lose {Amsterdam 2016}

I went to visit Summer Tales Boutique in Houten whilst I was in Amsterdam! I had never been to a physical lolita shop before, and they were putting on special events (cake and tea!) for days surrounding Under the Sea so it was definitely worth making the trip out.
Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette JSK and socks - vintage blouse - Chocomint clip - New Look shoes
Lots of my packed outfits featured ankle socks, because The Netherlands was in the middle of a heatwave when I visited. The socks and the blouse both have raised polkadots on them, but I am bad at remembering to get detail shots!

Summer Tales Boutique sells handmade pieces and accessories, and Innocent World as well. I tried on the Innocent World jacket in the corner of this picture, but the sleeves were too short. I'm glad I got the chance to try it before paying and being disappointed when it arrived.

Accessories were the focus of the shop, with a whole range from basic to elaborate over-the-top designs in all of the substyles. I really liked the resin accessories that seemed to be new (I didn't remember them from events Summer Tales Boutique have been at before), and the headbows were gorgeous with lots of different laces. Everything seemed of a high quality and to have been made from good materials and with attention to detail. I bought glittery seashell accessories for my Sunday outfit and a black velvet headbow because it was really lovely and that's all the justification I needed to get it!

Darling It's Better Down Where It's Wetter {Amsterdam 2016}

Not my most imaginative title, but I'm wearing a mermaid print - I can't think of a better one! This is what I wore for the Under the Sea day two teaparty. 

Baby Ponytail Mermaid's Castle JSK - Peacockalorum wristcuffs, hair accessory, and underskirt - Hush Puppies shoes - FINT blouse - Swimmer bag - Summer Tales Boutique jewellery - tights unknown
 I was really pleased with how everything in my outfit was on theme, but the details don't really show up in the big outfit picture, so here's a close-up of the wristcuffs against the dress. Fuchsia (who runs Peacockalorum) did an excellent job with making something to match when I said I wanted shells and gold!

The afternoon tea was presented nicely, although I was a bit sad that there weren't the traditional tiered stands but individual portions (I suppose it stops arguing over the last cake!) and those that ate the regular tea were given square scones (???).

Being Anchored or Bored Just Feels Like A Curse {Amsterdam 2016}

I'm a little late in putting my Under the Sea outfits up, but here's day one! I had an excellent time at UtS - especially modelling for I Do Declare (the dress was g o r g e o u s) and seeing all my friends and making new ones!

Metamorphose Voyage in Memory JSK - Peacockalorum hat and underskirt - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes - handmade blouse and socks
 I was really pleased with how the socks came out, and they had a really positive reception. Printed at Spoonflower and sewn up into a tube by me. I thought I had scaled them down more so more of the designs would be visible - here's a close up picture.

I didn't take a picture of all the excellent things I bought (half of them are still in my suitcase, despite it being a week since I got back - I'm lazy!), but here's a crown that I got from Fantastic Grim. I also got a matching belt, and a necklace - it's going to be part of my ILD outfit!

Crown from Fantastic Grim