I Wonder What It Is You Could Have Seen


I went to the Leicester Gas Museum this weekend! I wasn't sure what to expect - I'd had a quick look on the website, but a friend organised the meet and the private tour/special opening and I turned up not knowing quite what they'd have. It was really interesting!

Lief Perfume Coffret JSK - Haenuli tights - vintage hat and jewellery - New Look boots - Warehouse blouse
The thing I found oddest was that there were gas powered waffle makers - I'd previously always thought that waffle makers were a more modern invention, but I was wrong. I'm lucky I have curly hair, as the gas powered curlers sounded like they had more chance of burning your hair off than styling it, but I'd have still had to live with the soot and chance of having your hair sucked into the gas powered hairdryers.

One of the cookers even sang a song if you opened it. There were some retro and vintage cookery books too, which I found really interesting. I learned to bake from a Be-Ro cookbook from the 80s, but the one displayed was even older than that! I also liked a cookbook where the recipes were given in comic-strip form, with Mr Therm (the gas mascot) helping the bakers along in the steps.

I wear this vintage hat a lot. I feel like hats suit me more if they perch, as opposed to having a brim - I'd like more in this style, then I truly will be able to wear one every day!

I wore this dress lots immediately after buying it. There's so many colours that it's easy to make lots of different outfits by mixing blouses. I feel happier with the length now I have an underskirt to wear with it (multiple underskirts - another thing to change around to make new outfits!).

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  1. Leicester Gas Museum? I never heard of it, but from what you wrote it sounds very interesting, much my cup of tea. I'll have to bookmark it somewhere, maybe I'll have a chance next half-term or over the summer...

    1. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it, but I really did - I'd recommend it to people! I'd definitely take a friend though - as it's very small, part of the enjoyment is talking to other people about what their takes on things are.


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