Half Doomed & You're Semi-Sweet


This Saturday the mods of my local comm and I went for afternoon tea to look for suitable venues for Summer ILD. We're planning a very fancy event! To test how the hotel would react for lolita I wore sweet - they took all the pastels in their stride!

Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette JSK and brooch - Amavel blouse - Meta necklace - handmade flower crown - everything else offbrand
I traded my Mucha JSK for this with a girl in my comm. I've loved the print since I got into lolita, but I always thought it would be too short for me - it has quite a long bodice, so once I extended the straps it was perfect even without an underskirt!

This was the delicious afternoon tea we had - we were really pleased with the venue, and now we're looking at hiring a private room so we can include fun things like quizzes and bingo (with prizes!).

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  1. Wow, that looks very fancy! Unfortunately I can't go to the summer ILD with my comm because I made plans earlier, so hopefully next year (I'll mark it in my calendar earlier so that I don't plan something else on that day again).
    And I really like your coord, looks so spring-like and cheerful, and happy! :D

    1. ILD is one of my favourite meets every year - everyone dresses so fancily! It's a shame you're missing it - is winter any better for you?

      Thank you - I really wanted a spring feel from it!

  2. That's such a pretty coordinate! I love that it's sugary sweet and yet you look incredibly elegant :)

    I stumbled across your blog rather randomly, and realised I had to follow, not just for the gorgeous lolita content, but also for the Fall Out Boy references <3

    1. Thank you, I aim for a mix of elegant and sweet (I don't think I could pull off just one or the other!)

      My love for Fall Out Boy has been going on for the last decade, what better way to show my appreciation for the pop-punk scene than using song lyrics as blog titles? :P


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