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Emily Temple Cute cardigan - Le Carrousel dress - Swimmer bag - everything else offbrand
I've been dressing up lots lately, but I haven't had chance to get enough photos to make a blog post worth it! I made a special effort today to visit a local craft fair, because I've had a couple of new pieces arrive that I wanted to try in my wardrobe. I've decided not to buy any lolita dresses for a bit, but I've been carrying on with cardigans and accessories to bulk out the outfits I can wear.

Mako the alpaca - gotta match your alpaca to your outfit!
I asked my brother to take some pictures of me with the alpacas today - we've been halter training them and Mako stood so nicely for the photos! Alpacas are seen as a very kawaii animal, so I couldn't resist the chance to dress up with them.

Mako is a cuddler
Spring has definitely been in the air lately, so I went with a pastel floral print. Two months ago I said I wanted to review the Le Carrousel dress, but I still haven't gotten around to it - hopefully now there's longer days and more chance to take photos I'll get it done!

I've bought a lot of new makeup lately, and some of that's been in spring colours too - I've been loving Chirp Cosmetics so I'd like to write up a review of their eyeshadows. I really love the cardigan, especially the bow details on the sleeves. I'm glad this shot shows it off.

Perhaps they're not the most practical boots (I usually wear walking boots when I'm working out in the alpaca fields), but they look cute next to the snowdrops!

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  1. I love the combination of the flowery dress and the boots, kind of reminds me of River from Firefly - which is always a good thing. :D


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