Chirpin' Like A Bird


Chirp Cosmetics Company are my new favourite make-up brand! I say new - I ordered from Chirp in December 2015 and have been hooked since then. With my latest order I'll have all the eyeshadows I want, but they keep releasing new sparkly colours that I know I'll struggle to resist... I'm wearing Rumple and Burned above, without a primer. The colours are definitely more vibrant with a primer, and since I learned that it's better to pat than swipe loose eyeshadows, but I'm really pleased with all my orders so far. I'm not swatching them, but here's some of the things I really like about Chirp.
I had rubbed my eyes by this point, which is why there's a big patch without eyeshadow.

Things I love about Chirp eyeshadows:
- sparkly colours! I don't think I'd ever tried a duochrome until now, but I really love the mix of colours and Chirp have picked lovely ones that work together
- the website is easy to use. I'm making a switch to vegan cosmetics, and the vegan ones are clearly labelled and have their own section on the site, which makes choosing what I want a breeze.
- communication is excellent - I messaged Chirp on Facebook with a question about ingredients and they got back to me really quickly - within three hours.
- I've found the shades to be really long-lasting - I've worn Twilight Sky as a liner without primer for 12+ hours. I get some creasing with all of them, but that's something I get with every eyeshadow. I think from reading reviews there were some issues with the formula at first when the shades were worn without primer, but the owner is always looking to improve and I've noticed no issues.
- The packaging is cute, and I like the art. I chose Chirp over other indies in part because I preferred the packaging - I knew both products were quality eyeshadows, so why not go for the one I liked the look of the most?
- free samples to try out new colours - I probably wouldn't have got Rumple without getting the sample. This is also a negative, because then I realise that the eyeshadows are much more beautiful in person and I have to make another order soon. Also, all but one of my first samples have been vegan shades too, which shows that there's a lot of attention to what I've ordered!

Clockwise from top - Emerald, Gold Leaf, Azure, Tapestry, Whisper.
- I don't like the smell of my Storm eyeshadow. It doesn't smell bad, I just don't like the smell of the product in the pot (and I can't smell it on me once I've used it). I'm fine with every other eyeshadow I've had from them, it's just that one.
- Flat rate shipping means there's not a lot of point in ordering one item when you're an international buyer (it's very reasonable flat rate shipping, but at $10CAD it's more than one eyeshadow).

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  1. Damn, if they weren't in Canada I'd be more likely to give them a go. I'm trying to use more vegan cosmetics (it's my way of making up for not being able to give up meat), but so often we just go for whatever's more available instead of putting a little bit of time and effort to research cruelty free brands.
    What does that Storm eyeshadow smell like, I'm very curious? :P

    1. I need to find more British indie brands! Except I don't, because I have a big enough makeup collection already... I like OCC lip tar, which is more readily available in the UK because it's a bigger brand, but I feel like a lot of brands are switching over to cruelty free ingredients which is great!

      Horrible! I don't really know how to describe it - it's not a specific smell, I'm just like "oh this is awful" when it's under my nose.


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