Under Your Downpour - DIY Photo Frame Brooch Holders


I've been collecting brooches lately, and I wanted a cute way to display them - I'm more likely to wear them if I can see them out and think "oh, that works with my outfit!". These frames really work with the style of my room, so I'm very pleased with how it's come together.

My photo frames were from Poundland - what a bargain! I went for the biggest sizes so that I could fit more brooches on. They're around the same size as my jewellery stand so it was a good choice.

I started by cutting two layers of fleece the same size as the backing, then covering with my Laura Ashley fabric which I wrapped round to the back and stapled in place. I did the short sides first, then the long sides, and folded the fabric to keep the front corners neat. There wasn't any particular technique for this - whatever seemed to work neatly!

 The back doesn't stay ever so neat so I'm thinking how best to cover the raw edges and stop the fraying. If I make another I might cut a separate layer to staple the fabric to and then sandwich the raw edges between that and the backing, but that was too much effort for a quick and lazy DIY last night!

I have one standing vertically and one horizontally to add some variety. I'm really pleased - they match my tiered jewellery stand well and look nice clustered together on a dresser.

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