Beg The Ceiling For Forgiveness


Another weekend, another lolita meet - I'm seeing a lot of my lolita friends at the minute, and I'm really enjoying the chance to wear the outfits I cam up with in my wardrobe post! We went to the Jekyll and Hyde, a gin parlour that we'd visited and enjoyed before.

Angelic Pretty headbow and Glass Bottle of Tears JSK - Hush Puppies shoes - Peacockalorum underskirt - Axes Femme blouse
 I went with Angelic Pretty's Glass Bottle of Tears JSK because it's fully back shirred (for comfort when eating) and it has bottles on the border, which seemed appropriate for a meet themed around drinking out of fancy bottles! The Jekyll and Hyde don't just do gin drinks but also non-alcoholic cocktails which were equally tasty.

I originally wanted this dress in beige, but I'm glad I got the blue - I feel like there's more options of things to wear with it in my wardrobe in this colour!

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