Baby Ponytail Boutique - Mermaid's Castle JSK Review

Over Christmas I bought the Mermaid's Castle JSK from Baby Ponytail Boutique. I'm going to the Street Fashion Europe Under The Sea event in May, and it looked like a lovely print choice for the theme! Baby Ponytail are an independent brand who I don't think are very well known yet - I couldn't find any reviews when I looked for them on Google so hopefully this will be useful! I ordered an M size JSK in cream, which came to £59 including shipping (I did not get customs charges on this parcel). Original reservation page here for reference - scroll down for JSK pictures.

Mermaid's Castle JSK - FINT blouse - Hush Puppies shoes - Swimmer bag - Peacockalorum underskirt

Timeline of ordering:
4/12/15 (in pre-order period) - I email my order and pay my deposit
26/12/15 - Baby Ponytail email me to state that pre-orders are open and production has started
15/01/16 - Baby Ponytail email invoices for the rest of the payment - there is a week's period to pay. Baby Ponytail estimate that shipping will happen before 31/01/16
21/01/16 - I pay the rest of the deposit
27/01/16 - Baby Ponytail email to say orders will be sent on Monday 1/02/16 and apologise for the slight delay
04/02/16 - Baby Ponytail confirm that they have sent out orders and are waiting for tracking numbers
05/02/16 - Tracking numbers arrive
08/02/16 - My dress arrives!

 It came packaged in this box, which was wrapped in a FedEx delivery bag. The JSK was in a clear plastic bag, and came with a Baby Ponytail shopping bag and postcards of the print.

Brand tag and washing instructions! It sounds easy to care for, which is always a bonus.

 Detachable waist bow - a good size, sturdy and well made. It attaches with a sturdy brooch back and the lace is nice quality.

Full back shirring! Lots of stretch and the channels are evenly spaced. The lining fabric is also visible in this picture too - the dress is fully lined. I've mostly bought dresses with full back shirring lately - so comfy to wear! My one disappointment with this is that the straps are a fixed length - I prefer adjustable straps so that I can accommodate my long body, but this wouldn't be a problem for the majority of people). 

Detachable waist ties - nice buttons, and long thin waist ties - long enough to tie in a good bow. This is my favourite type of waist tie because I find it easier to make an attractive bow than with the triangle type.

Lace and bows around the bodice. The two sorts of lace are really nice and soft - not scratchy at all - and the colours match well despite being two different sorts of lace. The embroidered lace is really high quality - it's not a custom design, but it's detailed and soft and the edges of it have been neatly trimmed with no excess netting. I think it's a rose pattern, which some people might not like as roses aren't particularly sea themed, but it doesn't bother me.

Finishing of the hem, plus the tulle detailing. It's the same lace as earlier, and it matches nicely with the tulle. The dress is fully lined.

 Print close up - the texture is from the fabric, not the resolution of the print. It's accurate to the colour shown in pictures on the Baby Ponytail site.

In conclusion, I'm really happy with this purchase! I thought the communication was excellent, as Baby Ponytail were very good at keeping me informed by email after I placed my order, and before I ordered I asked a question on their Facebook page that was answered the same day. I'm really pleased with the quality, and the dress was accurate to the pictures and the finished measurements. I'd definitely order from Baby Ponytail again! I also like the little details that have been included, like the bows and ribbons around the hem and the use of two sorts of lace, and I was impressed at all the details included at a lower price.

I'm going to pair the dress with my FINT blouse - perfect theme matching!

Under Your Downpour - DIY Photo Frame Brooch Holders

I've been collecting brooches lately, and I wanted a cute way to display them - I'm more likely to wear them if I can see them out and think "oh, that works with my outfit!". These frames really work with the style of my room, so I'm very pleased with how it's come together.

My photo frames were from Poundland - what a bargain! I went for the biggest sizes so that I could fit more brooches on. They're around the same size as my jewellery stand so it was a good choice.

I started by cutting two layers of fleece the same size as the backing, then covering with my Laura Ashley fabric which I wrapped round to the back and stapled in place. I did the short sides first, then the long sides, and folded the fabric to keep the front corners neat. There wasn't any particular technique for this - whatever seemed to work neatly!

 The back doesn't stay ever so neat so I'm thinking how best to cover the raw edges and stop the fraying. If I make another I might cut a separate layer to staple the fabric to and then sandwich the raw edges between that and the backing, but that was too much effort for a quick and lazy DIY last night!

I have one standing vertically and one horizontally to add some variety. I'm really pleased - they match my tiered jewellery stand well and look nice clustered together on a dresser.

Beg The Ceiling For Forgiveness

Another weekend, another lolita meet - I'm seeing a lot of my lolita friends at the minute, and I'm really enjoying the chance to wear the outfits I cam up with in my wardrobe post! We went to the Jekyll and Hyde, a gin parlour that we'd visited and enjoyed before.

Angelic Pretty headbow and Glass Bottle of Tears JSK - Hush Puppies shoes - Peacockalorum underskirt - Axes Femme blouse
 I went with Angelic Pretty's Glass Bottle of Tears JSK because it's fully back shirred (for comfort when eating) and it has bottles on the border, which seemed appropriate for a meet themed around drinking out of fancy bottles! The Jekyll and Hyde don't just do gin drinks but also non-alcoholic cocktails which were equally tasty.

I originally wanted this dress in beige, but I'm glad I got the blue - I feel like there's more options of things to wear with it in my wardrobe in this colour!