We're Doomed To Organising Walk-In Closets Like Tombs {EGL Wardrobe Post 2016}


The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer...I don't have a walk-in wardrobe, just one that sits in the corner of my room and groans under the weight of all the dresses I've shoved in it. I've co-ordinated each of my dresses to show off my blouses and accessories, so this is a rounded picture of my wardrobe at the minute.

Full wardrobe pictures after the cut, or here on Livejournal if that's better!

I own all JSKs (although there is an OP in the post to me!) because I find them more versatile and I like to have a lot of options in creating outfits out of my wardrobe.

Metamorphose Cherry Berry high waist JSK
Innocent World bag, handmade beret, and everything else offbrand. I have all the detachable bits for the neckline of this JSK, but I prefer to wear it without the scallops attached. The belt helps to lower the high waistline to something more flattering on me, as I suit a more defined waist.

Innocent World Velveteen Scallop JSK
 Haenuli tights, Hush Puppies shoes, offbrand blouse and a handmade headbow. The pearl necklace was a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday, and I like how the different coloured pearls tie in with the tights and the blouse.

Handmade painting JSK
Offbrand blouse and shoes, vintage hat and Metamorphose bag. I want to alter the waist of this JSK still because I'm not 100% happy with the fit.

Lief Perfume Coffret JSK
 Haenuli tights, Vivienne Westwood shoes, offbrand blouse and Juliette et Justine bolero. I love these tights and own them in three colourways - they fit really well, and match with lots of colours in my wardrobe.

Metamorphose Secret Eden Medium Length luckypack JSK
 Matching socks and headbow and offbrand blouse and shoes. I haven't had chance to wear this JSK out yet! I love that Meta have started including long ("medium") length JSK cuts in their luckypacks, it really benefits me as a tall lolita. Sadly the sleeve length on the blouse was awkwardly short on me, so I shall be selling it on but the rest of the luckypack was wonderful.

Metamorphose Voyage in Memory JSK
Haenuli tights, Hush Puppies shoes, and an offbrand blouse and necklace. The matching hair clips came up on the ClosetChild webstore, so I grabbed them, and I'm waiting for the socks to come from the January sale in purple and mint, so my 2017 wardrobe post can have a full Voyage in Memory set! I want to wear this to SFE's Under the Sea in May - it has a ship on so I can bring out the nautical theme.

Innocent World Crown Jewels long JSK
Innocent World socks and clip (on hat), vintage hat, Swimmer bag, Peacockalorum wristcuffs and Hush Puppies shoes. These wristcuffs are ever so decadent, I bought them at Regalia in September 2015 and they're probably my fanciest wrist-wear in my wardrobe.

Wondertropolis Skyscraper JSK
Vintage bag, BTSSB hair clip, offbrand everything else. This JSK was in my sales album for about six months, but I've remembered how much I love it and decided to keep it! It was a dream dress of mine that came out just before I started wearing lolita, and I feel very lucky to have tracked it down as it was an indie dress with a limited run.

Angelic Pretty Victorian Tassel JSK
Offbrand blouse, Hush Puppies shoes, vintage hat. I tried to show the tights off too but the photo didn't come out well! When I wore this dress to a meetup I had quite a few people say it was much nicer in person than they had thought from the photos - it's an unusual shade to match, so I was really lucky to find this hat!

Angelic Pretty Glass Bottle of Tears JSK
Axes Femme blouse, AP headbow, Hush Puppies shoes, Swimmer bag and everything else offbrand. I got into AP in 2015 after thinking most dresses would be too short because some prints are irresistible. I have some Peacockalorum underskirts on order, and I'm really glad they've become a trend because they help me wear the dresses I love!

Metamorphose Princess Wardrobe Pinafore JSK
 Swimmer bag, everything else offbrand. I love this print! I'd like to own it in all three colourways. I bought this JSK second-hand in August 2015 because I was getting a lot of wear out of my other Princess Wardrobe JSK.

Metamorphose Princess Wardrobe Lace Up JSK (Medium length)
Vintage blouse, Hush Puppies shoes, Innocent World socks, and a necklace handmade by a friend. The original Princess Wardrobe in my collection, and my first ever direct-from-brand purchase. This really sold me on Meta, their customer service was impeccable (I made a mistake with the address and they did a fantastic job of sorting it out!). I traded for the other style of headbow - it is massive. This co-ordinate makes me feel like a magical girl, hence the necklace! I wore this co-ordinate for the Metamorphose A/W 2014 co-ordinate competition.

Innocent World Mucha Square Neck JSK
Lockshop/Rosenrot tights, Hush Puppies shoes, Metamorphose necklace and offbrand bag and blouse. This JSK is up for sale because the darts aren't flattering on my shape, and the straps aren't adjustable so the waist doesn't sit quite right. It's a shame, because the dress is gorgeous and I love the lacy print on the background behind the paintings!

Innocent World King of Lolita long JSK
IW bolero, Swimmer bag, handmade headbow, hand designed tights, Jane Marple ring, Vivienne Westwood shoes and Peacockalorum wristcuffs. Another dress in the sale pile - again, the bodice isn't as flattering on me as I would like, and I find the pale yellow colour difficult to co-ordinate with. It's a shame, because the print is lovely! It's just not quite right for me.

Emily Temple Cute JSK
Emily Temple Cute cardigan, Swimmer bag, handmade headbow, Peacockalorum wristcuffs and offbrand shoes. I like the cute and quirky print of this JSK, but it's unshirred so despite being thematically appropriate I can't wear it to go and eat lots of cake.

Handmade Letters and London JSK
Offbrand blouse, Hush Puppies shoes, Swimmer bag and vintage jacket. I won the Peppermint Fox brooch at Regalia. This jacket works really well with lolita, because it flares out at the waist and can fit a petticoat underneath.
Le Carrousel Rose Floral JSK
Amavel blouse, vintage bag, Metamorphose necklace and everything else offbrand. This JSK was donated as a prize to Regalia - I wasn't lucky enough to win, but a friend was. This is her (very goth) wardrobe. It didn't fit with her style, so I snapped it up! I'm really glad I did, it's gorgeous and the fit is lovely. I want to write a review when I get chance!

Got to keep warm when I'm out and about in my frills!

Metamorphose coat
Offbrand boots, Mulberry Chronicles brooch. I found this coat in a vintage shop! I got very excited because I thought I'd found a coat with the right shape for lolita, pulled it off the rail and it was Metamorphose. I have no idea what it was doing there, but I'm glad I found it. The fur collar and cuffs are both detachable (but without the cuffs the sleeves are too short for my arms).

Innocent World floral coat
Offbrand boots and hat. This coat is probably my most favourite piece in all my wardrobe. It's such a stand-out stunning piece, I love wearing it. I bought it second hand as my first big lolita purchase, and then two years later bought my ETC JSK from the same seller who let me know she had found the detachable capelet and sent it along to complete my coat set.

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