I Got A Bulletproof Heart


I'm still working on my wardrobe post, and I think I'm about finished - which is just as well, as the deadline for posting is this weekend! I also ended up putting this outfit together, in an attempt to find something that would match my new Angelic Pretty bag bought from a friend.

I was drawn to the bag because it's cute and quirky, and the yellow and pink colours together really pop. It was a bargain as well, so that helped make my mind up! In between buying it and getting it, I did have a few moments of wondering what I was going to wear with it, but it goes with lots in my retro wardrobe.

This bag is a lot bigger than other novelty shaped bags I've seen, and it would hold everything I need for a day out. The pleather is also very soft, and I particularly like the way the heart shape is rounded towards the bottom - I think that makes the bag more cute. I'd like to buy more bags in 2016 - my wardrobe post showed me how much I rely on the same bags to go with every outfit.

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