We're Doomed To Organising Walk-In Closets Like Tombs {EGL Wardrobe Post 2016}

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer...I don't have a walk-in wardrobe, just one that sits in the corner of my room and groans under the weight of all the dresses I've shoved in it. I've co-ordinated each of my dresses to show off my blouses and accessories, so this is a rounded picture of my wardrobe at the minute.

Full wardrobe pictures after the cut, or here on Livejournal if that's better!

I Got A Bulletproof Heart

I'm still working on my wardrobe post, and I think I'm about finished - which is just as well, as the deadline for posting is this weekend! I also ended up putting this outfit together, in an attempt to find something that would match my new Angelic Pretty bag bought from a friend.

I was drawn to the bag because it's cute and quirky, and the yellow and pink colours together really pop. It was a bargain as well, so that helped make my mind up! In between buying it and getting it, I did have a few moments of wondering what I was going to wear with it, but it goes with lots in my retro wardrobe.

This bag is a lot bigger than other novelty shaped bags I've seen, and it would hold everything I need for a day out. The pleather is also very soft, and I particularly like the way the heart shape is rounded towards the bottom - I think that makes the bag more cute. I'd like to buy more bags in 2016 - my wardrobe post showed me how much I rely on the same bags to go with every outfit.

You're So Milk & Roses (OOTD)

I went to my first lolita get-together of 2016 at the weekend! We went out for crepes and tea and chit-chat - a small and intimate get together with some old friends and some new. I decided to wear a fruit print to match with the food theme of the day, and I tried out some retro styling with the beret and polkadot tights.
Metamorphose JSK and bow - New Look tights, cardigan and ring - Next shoes - handmade beret
The best thing about my dress is that it's high-waisted - nothing tight on my stomach so I had lots of room for crepes! This turned out to be a good outfit choice, as after having one crepe I remembered just how good La Creperie are and decided to order a savoury galette to go with it.

From La Creperie - this crepe is called La Sous Bois
I organised the booking, and La Creperie were lovely. We had a great table reserved for us, and because we had pre-ordered our food they had it out to us very quickly. They also kept us topped up with tea, which is always important!

Another Shot At Life

It's January, and the lolita community traditionally photograph and share their wardrobes. I've decided to join in this year for the first time, and I've decided that as I have a smaller wardrobe the best way to show each piece off is to photograph it in a full outfit, with two detail shots.

This is the Innocent World 'King of Lolita' JSK, in the long version. I actually have this piece up for sale because of my changing style, but I wore it a lot in 2015 (including to the Innocent World Regalia Tea Party and summer ILD), but it really is a gorgeous dress and I still love the floaty chiffon! I just wish the cut of the bodice was more flattering.
 The embroidery on this cardigan was a perfect match, and helped to dress an outfit down so I could get away with wearing the dress quite casually. I've decided to show the dress off differently in my actual wardrobe post, but still wanted somewhere to show it off.
Wristcuffs from Peacockalorum are probably one of the best things a lolita can put on their wrists! I bought these at Revelry in 2014, and they match so much of my wardrobe - definitely worth having. I have another fancier pair to show off in the post as well.