You Should've Seen Her Shake It Up Like Orangina - Otome No Sewing Pattern


During my final exams, I snuck home for a weekend and finished this retro-styled beach pin-up dress for a post-exam beach themed party! It’s got a fully shirred back so there was the perfect amount of comfort for dancing in, and the straps are convertible to halter straps.
The pattern is adapted from part of the Otome No Sewing Book (Volume 2). Further information on the book can be found here, but I think the book is out of print now (although further volumes are available on Amazon JP). I used the three panels that make up the bodice. The back and the skirt are just rectangles, so no intense pattern drafting skills necessary!

I tried out a couple of new techniques with this dress - facings with the lining, and adding pockets into the side seams. I'm pleased with how both of them turned out - the facings give a much neater finish.
Overall, I'm really happy with this, especially with the new things I tried out. The only thing I dislike is the strap placement as I think they're too close to my neck. I'm working on drafting my own pattern with a wider centre panel and straps further apart (an example of my pattern is with my London Letters dress, but it's still undergoing some further tweaks for a perfect fit!)

Title from The Bravery's Red Hands and White Knuckles.

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