You Hollow Out My Hungry Eyes


I've recently got a new job - my first graduate job! - and bought a new dress to celebrate. I was idly browsing a Japanese second-hand store's webshop, and this popped up. It's Metamorphose's Princess Wardrobe print, and I already owned the cream version in a different cut. I like it that much I want to track down the black colourway too!
Metamorphose 'Princess Wardrobe' pinafore dress and necklace - Amavel blouse (all secondhand) - Hush Puppies shoes - eBay socks
 Of course, buying one dress meant that I'd got an open order and thought I might as well add a few more bits if I was going to pay international postage I grabbed a few blouses from the auction sites, as well as some jewellery and a makeup brush set. Possibly my favourite thing was this cute alpaca pencil case, which I bought as a present for my mum and couldn't resist Instagramming as soon as I saw it!
 I also treated myself to some vintage blouses in the Beyond Retro sale, and some fabric - which has promptly disappeared into the stash under my desk that I promise myself I am going to get round to working through!
 I went to Manchester in this outfit and looked around the vintage shops. When I holidayed in Manchester in June, a Thrift Shop had opened in Piccadilly Gardens offering three vintage items for £10 - an incredible bargain! Sadly, when I returned the price of dresses had increased to two for £10 or £6 each, and I felt that the range on offer wasn't as good, but I still managed to snag a gorgeous 60s baby-pink minidress.
My father's company has an office in Manchester, and apparently someone from the office spotted me when I was in the thrift shop and asked if I was out and about in Manchester. I guess this outfit is hard to miss! 
I picked up some comics from Travelling Man, a shop I can't come out of without buying something to read. Bee and Puppycat is a YouTube series about a magical temp-work agency, and it's great. I can't wait until more episodes come out, but the graphic novel is filling the hole! I've been enjoying the trailer for the Deadpool movie, and felt I should get to know the character more before watching...and I really love Hawkeye so couldn't resist the team-up.

Title from Taking Back Sunday's MakeDamnSure

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