Magic Days, Golden Nights


I went into Debenhams looking for some T-shirts for some work experience I had on a farm...and came out with this wonderful H! by Henry Holland lemon and lime print dress. Slightly impractical for farm work, but excellent for lazy days in the summer heat (although I ended up going to pick up feed troughs from the store, so in a way it did still get used for farm work!).
H! by Henry Holland dress - Next shoes - eBay belt - New Look cardigan (bought secondhand)
The dress has a small built-in layer of tulle for shaping, and then I'm wearing my lightest petticoat under that to add just a little extra shape. I'm also wearing my hair in sort of faux-Victory rolls - it's a similar effect from the front, but from the side it's obvious that they're not done properly. 

I'm three posts in and already I've repeated my cardigan and belt combination from this outfit. I can't help it, the cardigan goes with so much of my wardrobe I find myself wearing it all the time! I'm wearing different red shoes though - so as well as revealing my habit of wearing the cardigan, I'm also revealing that I have way too many pairs of shoes. These are different to the last ones - these are flats, and therefore I can justify owning both!

I was worried that the polkadots of the cardigan would clash with the dress and be print overload, but I really like how the red makes the navy pop! Next time I think I'll go with white ankle socks to bring some white down to the lower half of the outfit and balance it out. I'm disappointed with the tights because I thought they were a better match for the dress in person!

Title from A's Pacific Ocean Blue

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